Why a Sports Complex

Why a Sports Complex?

  • The current student population involved in outdoor sports is the largest it has ever been.
  • We have an expanding need for quality, safe, outdoor facilities.
  • We do have a tradition of having great indoor facilities for our students and community.
  • We do have the oldest facilities in the conference and the area.
  • We do not have a track that allows for home meets and a safe practice area.
  • We cannot host an outdoor playoff event of any kind on our current facilities.
  • We do not own a regulation softball field.
  • We do not have the ability to put a permanent fence around our baseball field due to sharing the space with the football field.
  • Field use has increased 4-fold in the past few years with more teams using the facilities and fields.
  • Space is limited and is not economical for redevelopment to current WIAA standards.
  • The current location is small, and access is limited with inadequate parking.
  • The current facilities do not meet safety standards and are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.